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Blood Bank Refrigerator

Suitable for storing large volume materials at a time

Product Description

Reliability o    Field proven refrigeration system design and control system designo    Consistent temperature performance
Key Features o    Microprocessor controlled forced-air cooling with electrical heat compensation systemo    Consistent cabinet temperature 4±1℃ and 4±1.5℃ for HXC-1308/1308Bo    Digital temperature display for upper and lower sections in chamber with 0.1℃ resolution

o    Digital display of average temperature of the cabinet with 0.1℃ resolution

o    High-tech integrated sensors to display and control temperature

o    Standard temperature recorder (Optional for HXC-158)

o    Auto-defrost to remove moisture on cooling surface

o    Large digital display for ease of observation

o    Wide voltage range designed to operate in 187-242 V/AC


Safety o    Dual displays of operational parameter(digital and temperature recorder display)o    Built-in backup battery to display temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm systems for up to 48 hours without ac powero    Three types of alarm alerts: buzzer, flashing light, and remote alarm

o    Five alarm conditions: high/low temperature, power failure, sensor error, door ajar, low voltage in backup battery

o    Automatic default operations

Ergonomic Design o    Safety lock to prevent unauthorized accesso    Storage space designed for easy sorting of a variety of blood productso    Caster design and interior light

o    Optional baskets or stainless