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-40°C Deep Freezer

Evaporating Shelf, Fast Cooling

Multilayer evaporating shelves,
quick cooling speed.

Product Description

Reliability and Key Features o    High efficiency low temperature compressor with known field reliability,

o    Chemically stable, CFC-free, commercially available and environmentally safe refrigerant

o    Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity

o    High density foam insulation for stable and long term storage temperature

o    Optimized refrigeration system designed to maximize cooling effect and temperature uniformity

o    Microprocessor control, digital display, adjustable temperature range:-20°C~-40°C, and -10°C~-40°C for DW-40L92/188/262 models

Safety o    Multiple malfunction alarms including high/low temperature , sensor error, high/low ambient temperature

o    Two types of alarm indications: audible buzzing, visible flashing light

o    User programmable start-up delay for system protection for DW-40L508


Ergonomic Design o    Door lock for storage safety

o    LED digital display for clear observation

o    Lockable casters

o    Drawers and baskets make it easy to store and sort