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HBV DNA PCR Kit—Magnetic Bead Technology

  • The diagnostic kit applies fluorescence PCR technology for the quantitation of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) DNA in human   serum or plasma.This greatly improves accuracy and precision in HBV DNA detection and narrows “window period” in detecting HBV-infected serum. It provides strong evidence for early clinical diagnosis and evaluation of curative effect, laying a solid foundation for blood screening.
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Product Description

1.It adopts the new magnetic bead technology to extract nucleic acid. This provides high sensitivity and eliminates the need to heat up or to centrifuge, hence improving time efficiency.
2.It has strong anti-interference ability and is efficient for detecting high blood-fat, strong hemolysis and other specimens.
3.Internal control and UNG enzyme + dUTP contamination-proof system are adopted.
4.Fluorescence ROX dye is applied to eliminate variations existing among different tubes while improving accuracy in quantitation.