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The QuikRead 101 instrument provides point-of-care healthcare settings with a user-friendly diagnostic system. The QuikRead system consists of a QuikRead 101 instrument, an accuracy dispenser and several QuikRead reagent kits. The instrument has a serial connection for an external printer or a personal computer and can be used with a barcode reader.

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Product Description

Technical data

Products available
Use For in vitro diagnostic use
Method Immunoturbidimetric and photometric
Sample type Analyte dependent
Time to result Analyte dependent, 2 – 5 minutes
Reading of the result Instrument displays the result
Sensitivity Analyte dependent
Specificity Analyte dependent
Storage The ambient temperature between 15 °C and 35 °C
Additionally needed Buffer dispenser 1 ml (not with 06040) for CRP, FOB and U-Alb 05560
Registration Not registered in the USA
Note Store protected  from rain and humidity
Registered trademark QuikRead is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica Oy.