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Mobile Blood Bank Refrigerator

Human Technology, to use conveniently

Built with handles and casters for ease of moving.

Product Description

Temperature Control o    Microprocessor control with digital temperature display at two modes of 4℃ and 22 ℃

o    Forced air cooling system for the chamber to reach ±1.5℃ . At 4℃ setting, the chamber temperature range is 2.5℃ to 5.5℃ . At 22℃ setting, the chamber temperature range is 20 ℃ to 24℃

Safety System o    Alarm system to offer audible buzzer and visible flashing light for high temperature condition

o    Built-in battery can provide power for temperature display and alarm system for 72 hours in case of power outage

o    Microprocessor control to provide real-time information on electricity supply for refrigerators from vehicles


Control and Refrigeration Systems o    Specialized hermetically sealed compressor and ADDA fan

o    Forced air cooling system designed to provide stable and uniform chamber temperature

o    Finned coil evaporator design for maximum cooling ability

o    More than 11Hours holdover time

o    Polyurethane insulation, CFC-Free, 100MM thickness

Defrost System o    Electric heater designed to provide speedy defrost process


Ergonomic Design o    Double layer blood basket design

o    Double lock design to accommodate padlock

o    LED display with 45 degree viewing angle

o    Wide voltage range with power selection of DC12/24V and AC 100-240 V/AC, 50/60 Hz

o    Formed cabinet, easy to clean exterior

o    Drainage tube inside the cabinet

o    Built with handles and casters for ease of moving