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ADAGIO™ Automated System

Adagio™ System

A Complete System to Generate Rapid and Accurate Results

Allows automated AST interpretation, QC management and epidemiological studies

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Product Description

ADAGIO™ is a system built around data management software and an imaging device that measures the inhibition zone size around an antibiotic disk. ADAGIO™ offers built-in expertise for detection of potential errors and detection of frequent antibiotic resistance mechanisms. ADAGIO™ software also includes a powerful tool for the monitoring of resistance trends and nosocomial infections.

Automated Zone Size Reader

  • Flexible and user-friendly: any standard plate formats can be read through a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Automation provides speed, accuracy and reproducibility, and means less hands-on time, no transcription errors and standardized antimicrobials susceptibility test readings
  • Bio-Rad disk identification for improved reading process and result interpretation security

Built-in Expertise

    • Detection of “inconsistent” results and technical errors as part of the laboratory quality control procedure
    • Detection of the most frequent resistance mechanisms provides a more rational approach to antibiotic selection

Epidemiology Module Includes

  • Predefined epidemiology queries using multiple criteria, including the ability to eliminate “duplicate” test results
  • Monitoring outbreaks of multi-drug resistant bacteria and nosocomial infections

Interface for the Laboratory Information System (LIS), Networking and Connectivity

  • The ADAGIO™ interface enables downloading of patient and test data to the ADAGIO™ system and the uploading of results to the LIS
  • ADAGIO™ software is accessible, using a web browser, via any networked computer